About BFAM

On Sunday, November 7th, 2010 Bobby Tillman, a Georgia teenager was randomly beaten to death by teens outside of a local house party. Bobby was brutally murdered, but inadvertently started a nationwide movement.

At 18, years of age Bobby had a bright future ahead of him with a focus on giving back, working hard and making a difference. Today, his mother, sister, family and friends carry a banner and message of love, acceptance and tolerance through volunteer work, rallies and speaking engagements across the state of Georgia and beyond.

BFAM, Inc. is an organization founded by Bobby’s mother, Monique Rivarde and other family members.  Its mission is to nurture the spirits of our youth and promote peace, love and respect along with self-worth and to inform our youth that their voices are being heard. When Bobby was murdered, his closest friends, along with family, pulled together through the pain and anger and decided to try and make a difference in the community.  They decided to put the energy from the anger into a positive position and give to the community. Through God, BFAM knows anything is possible and is committed to making a change.  The organization has held winter clothing drives, spoken at numerous churches about the Bobby Tillman Pact and has donated time and energy to numerous events around Douglas County and the Atlanta area in hopes to join with others in making a difference for our youth, community and environment as a whole.  They realize if they are not apart of the solution…they are apart of the problem.

BFAM, Inc. will host various events that are created, planned, organized, and run by youth through youth and with youth.  These events will allow our youth to speak in their voices and foster a healthy environment for all.